• Dexa Medica got an award for the Corporate Public Relations performance through Indonesia Corporate PR Award 2018, held by the International Public Reations Association: IPRA in collaboration with Warta Ekonomi on Friday, August 24, 2018.

    This award was given directly by the Ex Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the Republic of Indonesia, as well as the Founder of Warta Ekonomi, Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Fadel Muhammad, accompanied by CEO of Warta Ekonomi Muhammad Ichsan, and received by Mr. Sonny Himawan as the Head of Corporate Communications of Dexa Group at Balai Kartini Jakarta.

    Indonesia Corporate PR Award (IPRA Award) 2018 is an appreciation that given to public relations performance of a company, State Institution, Ministry, Minister, Foundation, as well as figures who succeed in making companies, institutions and figures the most popular and the best.

    "The award is expected to build and enhance trust to public" said Mr. Fadel in his keynote speech.

    With theme "Beyond PR Excellence", Public Relations is defined as the lead of information delivery both orally and in writing to the public so that public can understand the information correctly, including giving a good image to both companies and certain figures.

    IPRA Award 2018 was also attended by the Director General of Information and Public Communication - Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia, R Niken Widiastuti. In his keynote speech, she said, "Awards for Public Relations are very important to build a positive reputation for the company that will improve the company's performance"

    Sandiaga Uno is also one of the recipients of the IPRA Award 2018 award as The Popular Political Figure. He also attend and give a speech to the audience. "Public relations does not always about public interest. Public Relations is about telling personal story too." said Mr. Sandiaga Uno.

    Recipients of Indonesia Corporate PR Award 2018 were determined through monitoring media research for 40 national online media and 12 Asian online media. This activity was carried out since January 2018 by companies, institutions, and figures, using 10,000 keywords and 293,500 news coverage. Through this assessment, elected figures and or institutions, institutions, companies as the award winners for several categories in IPRA Award 2018.

    "Dexa Medica is grateful for this award and the trust from people to the company. The public trust cannot be separated from good Corporate Image and the good value that we must always keep. And i invite all Dexan become a PR for the Dexa Group by always spread the good news from Dexa. Good News From Dexan, "said Sonny Himawan.

    President Director of PT Dexa Medica, Mr. Wimala Widjaja, said that the award related to public relations received was Dexa's core value implementation "Expertise for the Promotion of Health". "Dexan wherever they are, wherever the work unit must exert all its best capabilities in accordance with their expertise. Through competency and a continuous improvement process carried out in synergy, encouraging the level of trust and positive image of Dexa in public, including the media , "explained Mr. Wimala.

    The Indonesia Public Relations Award is the first time achieved by PT Dexa Medica. Corporate Communications Dexa Medica