November, 20 2014

PT Dexa Medica brought its featured products, Inlacin and Dexanorm, to the Indonesian Diabetic Association (PERSADIA) on October 25, 2014, at the JW Marriott, Surabaya.

Inlacin was noted during the Lunch Symposium B by Prof. Dr Sidartawan Soegondo, dr., Sp.PD, K-EMD, DTM&H, FINASIM, FACE in his paper with the title of “Insulin Resistance Management Update (DLBS 3233).

Prof. Dr. Sidartawan said that there is a close relation between mitochondria dysfunction with insulin resistance, which is a characteristic of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and components of cardiometabolic syndrome, including hypertension, and dyslipidemia collectively contributing to heart disease risks.

Accroding to Prof. Dr. Sidartawan, there are a few mechanisms to overcome insulin resistance. One of which is by Bioactive Fraction DLBS 3233 or Inlacin which is made in Indonesia. "This is what we could apply briefly, as part of insulin resistance technology," said Prof. Sidartawan.

Prof. Sidartawan also explained that Inlacin has been produced for three years and has been categorized as the prescribed drug along with Acarbose, Glinides, Metformin Sulfonylurea, Glitazone, and Incretin. Research about Inlacin has also been done by diabetic experts in Indonesia, some of which are Prof. Dr. dr. Ketut Suastika, SpPD-KEMD (Denpasar), Prof. Dr. dr. Karel Pandelaki, SpPD-KEMD (Manado), Prof. Dr. dr. H. Asman Manaf, SpPD-KEMD (Padang), and Prof. Dr. dr. Askandar Tjokroprawiro, SpPD-KEMD (Surabaya).

Repliginide for T2DM Theraphy
Besides Inlacin, Dexanorm from Dexa Medica was also brought up in the symposium session in a paper titled "Repaglinide (Short Acting Insulin Secretagogue) in the Management of T2DM”. The presenter, Prof. Djoko Wahono Soeatmadji, dr., Sp. PD, K-EMD, FINASIM, based the Type 2 Diabetes Melitus (T2DM) on two things; pathogenic mechanism known as Beta Cell Dysfunction, Alpha Cell Dysfunction, and Insulin Resistance.

Besides that, T2DM could also be treated, and targets the hyperglicemia basal and hyperglycemia pandrial. According to Prof. Wahono, almost all the existing guidelines targeted the hyperglicemia basal and experts targeted the basal blood glucose because it is more stable.

One of the substances that could lower the plasma glucose is Glinides (Repaglinide and Natlinieglinide). According to Prof. Dr. Djoko, Glinide ((Repaglinide) could function to restore insulin 1 secretion, and Repaglinide's flexible regiment could significantly lower the hypoglycemia.

Repaglinide contained in Dexa Medica's Dexanorm is a single or combination therapy with metformin or thiazolidindiones for T2DM (NIDDM) management where hyperglycemia is not controlled sufficiently only by diet or workout.

Besides Inlacin and Dexanorm, Dexa Medica's stand also featured other products such as Gluvas, Eclid, and Deculin. Please click these links for more information about Inlacin, Dexanorm, Gluvas, Eclid, and Deculin. Corporate communications