December, 1 2016

PT Dexa Medica continued to prove its commitment to support the national education world. Through dharma dexa, this commitment is embodied by giving appreciations to the best pharmacists from faculty of pharmacy in various universities in Indonesia.

Throughout August to October 2016, PT Dexa Medica gave Dexa Award to the best pharmacists in the second semester of the 2015/2016 academic year. The award handover was done in nine elected universities in Indonesia and was held in conjunction with the oath taking ceremonies in each university. The oath taking ceremonies was opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy from each university and attended by the Rectors or their representatives.

The Dexa Award was handed over directly by PT Dexa Medica representatives. These are the Dexa Award handover ceremonies in the 2015/2016 academic year that was delivered in August to October 2016:
1. Padjadjaran University, August 16, 2016, given to Veronica Andriani, S. Farm., Apt.
2. Widya Mandala Chatolic University, August 23, 2016, given to Jessica Gloria Marilim, S.Farm., Apt.
3. Sanata Dharma University, September 3, 2016, given to Sabrina Handayani Tambun, S.Farm., Apt.
4. University of Indonesia, September 5, 2016, given to Evelyn Yuliusman, S.Farm., Apt.
5. Bandung Institute of Technology, September 8, 2016, given to Agnes Virginia, S. Si., Apt.
6. Airlangga University, September 14, 2016, given to Annisa Maulidia Rahayyu, S.Farm., Apt.
7. Pancasila University, September 17, 2016, given to Atikah Arifah, S.Farm., Apt.
8. University of Gadjah Mada, September 23, 2016, given to Cyndwika Ayu., S.Farm., Apt.
9. University of Surabaya, October 5, 2016, given to Vanny Lestari, S.Farm., Apt. Corporate Communications Dexa Medica