February, 2 2018

Download materi yang dibawakan oleh Prof. Dr. Mathias Rummel di Diskusi Ilmiah Rudy Soetikno Memorial Lecture pada link di artikel ini.

February, 1 2018

Dexa Group menggelar acara Diskusi Ilmiah "Rudy Soetikno Memorial Lecture" untuk mengenang peran dan pengabdian Rudy Soetikno di bidang farmasi nasional.

February, 1 2018

Sejak dua tahun yang lalu, Joe Taslim telah mengkonsumsi STIMUNO untuk membuat daya tahan tubuhnya kuat sehingga terhindar dari sakit.

January, 22 2018

The series of activities conducted by dharma dexa throughout 2017 has been summarized in a book called "JOURNEY 2017".

December, 8 2017

Dexa Group CEO received the Indonesia Most Admired CEO Award as the Visionary in Pharmacy Sector.

December, 4 2017

Dharma dexa once again holds the "Give Blood Save Lives" blood donation at Alam Sutera Mall on Saturday-Monday, December 2-4, 2017.

November, 27 2017

HERBAPAIN was recognized as the first product in Indonesia in the Herbal Headache Medicine Category.

November, 22 2017

PT Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals, one of a Dexa Group company, achieved the Primaniyarta Award 2017 in the category of the New Market Pioneer.

September, 5 2017

Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) awarded BOSKA with the "Education Stakeholder & Sponsors Recognition Award".

August, 24 2017

Dharma dexa contribute to Desa Pasirsari's achievement in winning the champion of the Village Contest in the West Java Province Level.

May, 23 2017

PT Dexa Medica won the award at the Indonesian Most Admired Companies (IMACO) Award 2017.

May, 8 2017

For the eighth time, STIMUNO won the Top Brand for Kids Immune System Vitamin Category from Marketing Magazine.